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New York License Plates and Cheaters

Let me just start off by saying that, as an avid motorcycle rider in New York State, I, as well as other motorcyclists, see things that regular drivers will never notice.  This particular post, or issue that I’d like to address, all stems from an incident two years ago in Scarsdale on Central Avenue.

Above photo:
although license plate covers are illegal under the New York state vehicle and traffic Law, news agencies will accept advertising money, like shownhere with Channel 12 News online advertisement.

The actual photos in this post have nothing whatsoever to do with this actual story however.

Above photo: This is an honest mistake on New York State DMV’s part. NY DMV still allows a 10 day temporary paper makeshift registration license plate to be installed beneath the back window on newly purchased cars. But it’s literally like driving an invisible car.

Above photo: With no front plate, and a tinted back window, the paper plates are absolutely impossible to see for anything more than 2-3 feet away.

While cruising up past the candlelight, a car came out of their driveway and never looked at the  northbound side traffic. Being in the right lane, I said to myself “even if he decides to cut over ignoring the fact that I was driving up could he possibly veer right into my lane?” He did.

Above photo: Another weaving “texter” with an obscured NY plate ETF 8285 – NY ETF8285 – on the Bronx River Parkway South Bound by Crestwood.

The rear of his vehicle skimmed my front tire  causing me to suddenly and abruptly cut my tire and let the bike go. As I stood up all I cared about was getting his plate so I can identify who the driver was. But I never forget, all I saw was gray shiny plastic. The same gray shiny plastic that you see on so many cars nowadays, driving the roadways trying to beat the red light cameras and get free tolls over the George Washington, Tappan Zee and other assorted roadways.  From this day on I had a special place in my heart for people who try to obscure their license plates and even then top it off with illegal tinted windows.

And there’s even been an alternate tactic for people “too cheap” to even buy the plastic shields available on the Internet for about $40. It’s a method where they literally peel a layer of the license plate off so that the paint on the numbers becomes completely illegible.

I’ve shown some examples hear of cars that I’ve crossed paths with. Any pictures I’m showing here are a result of motorist that’s done something weird, stupid or illegal.

There’s one thing I know for sure, everyone I’ve met that has either dark tinted windows with New York plates (without special DMV permission) or obscures the license plates, has some other issue going on other than just trying to beat the system.

Every time I cross the Tappan Zee bridge, I think about the money that it cost to build it, and then wonder if everyone was using plate blockers or peeling the paint off the license plates, who would pay for the bridge?  And for those drivers that do those things because they want to beat the red lights, what would be the sense of anyone ever waiting for red lights at that point? And what would be the difference between a red light and green light?

Above photo: Car wash needed?

Above photo: With having a connection that gets you a Fraternal Order of Police registration, do you really need to mask your FOP1072 plate?

Above photo: How awkward will it be when the State Police checkpoint on the Tappan Zee asks “what up with the plate blocker on the FOP 1072 New York plate?”…

Zig Zagging over the Hutch, you can’t tell me you never noticed the “ESB” of your ESB4687 NY Plate ESB-4687 is gone? Or maybe?

Another texter, the “4” of her EGV 9494 NY Plate EGV9494 was so conveniently missing. South bound on Bronx River Parkway.

You can zoom in all you want this guy isn’t paying tolls or worrying about red light cameras. Hats off to you dude…

Most police, outside of NYC, don’t bother bikes so I can’t understand why they’d play the “lemme tuck my plate in so much you can’t see it” trick.

You can sort of guess the kind of character you’d find behind the wheel here?

Sorry but you can still see the NY plate GFD 4746 – GFD4746 – through your new tinted plate blocker.

Above photo: This guy in his Dodge Charger did a great job mangling his plate.

Above photo: How much work is it to mangle your FFR8421 plate to this level?

Above photo: Special shout out to the amazing parking job in front of the “No Parking Anytime” sign with your mangled NY FFR-8421 plate.

Above photo: Love the way, even though you’re parked illegally, FFR8421 needs to stick the back out to make it ultra difficult for cars to get around the turn. Love the parking job!

The Wegmans Living Salad Bowl

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for the Wegmans to come to Westchester. Just take a look at their example of what it means to be fresh when it comes to salad.

This is what Wegmans calls the living salad bowl. It’s actually a salad bowl that’s living that you could take home, leave in the light and it grows until you’re ready to eat it.

Next time you see a salad offering anywhere else and they say it’s fresh just think about what Wegmans is doing with their salad. And the best part is it’s only $2.99. Then just go to the salad bar, pick some toppings, and you’re good to go. It just doesn’t get any fresher than this