The “Short on Time” Black Friday RX Plan.

Black Friday RX prescription if you can’t get to class.

Inside your prescription bottle are three ingredients; treadmill, heart rate monitor and 22 minutes. Can you trust me with this one?

This variation is a slightly kicked up version of what I usually do, meant to get you to Lord & Taylor as quickly as possible.

RX instructions:

Adjust your treadmill to a 2.5 degree incline. This adjusts for coefficient of drag.

Walk for 5min at 3.3mph – great warm-up pace.

After your 5min warmup, try for an 8mph pace, run for 30seconds and record your ending HR.

Allow your HR to return to between 110-115. The lower the number, the more time you’ll have to goof off so choose wisely here.

Repeat process adding a half-mile per-hour each time.

For example, start with 8mph, then after min HR recovery do 8.5mph for 30 sec, recover, do 9mph and so on.

Don’t exceed your max HR, say 170bpm. Although this may prevent you from reaching top sprint speeds of 12+mph, the point of the routine is continually looping your heart rate, not cardiac arrest. This is where heart health (the magic) is created. And, at your peak HR moments, you’ll create enough dopamine to deal with even the worst traffic on i287.

Please, just get through the first 5min warm up and 8mph run. Your brain will trigger and you’ll want to continue – trust me.

Music selection suggestion:

Warm up with Tikai from E.S. Posthumus.
Sprints to Metallica; And Justice For All, Sprints at 2:06 & Harvester Of Sorrow, Sprints at 1:35.
Cool down to Josh Groban; When You Say You Love Me – puts me in a special place.


  1. Thanks for breaking this down in such an easy to put together format. This makes a good sweat so much more interesting and really puts the HR monitor to good use. Great point with the maximum HR and repeating speeds till the desired rate is achieved. I’m on this tomorrow.

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